The Clock Tower

The clock tower is one of many symbols recallingthe era of the Carra family in the history of Padova. The monument and its mechanism became an abiding presence in the daily life of the townspeople -and other besides- during the 14th century. This impressive buildin, standing in the Piazza dei Signori, between the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi and the Palazzo del Capitanio, was erected between 1426 and 1430 over the ruins of the east gate of the reggia Carrarese. It was during 1427 that the Capitanio Bortolomeo Morosini ordered work to begin on enlarging and adapting the tower, precisily in order to accomodate the great clock made by Giovanni and Gian Petro Dalle Caldiere. The dial was decorated in 1436 by Giorgio da Treviso.

Once the preparation of the tower had been completed in 1430, work could beginon installin the new mechanismthat the city wished so earnestly to see in place. At last, during the celebration for the Feast of S. Antony in 1437, the people of Padova were able to witnessin inauguration. In 1532, Giovanni Maria Falconutto was commissioned to design the triumpha larch, in Istrian stone, wich gave access to Piazza Capitanio, reflecting a more open relationship with the citizens and replacing the Gothic gateway wich had previously led to the Reggia Carrarese.

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