Giorgio Vigna


A subtle but, at the same time, evident relationship unites the archaeological artifact with the work of art.

The ancient objects and the works of Master Vigna come together in the spaces of the Archaeological Museum and tell different stories, which are confronted here. Or rather, they are placed in a position of dialogue.
Today, these archaeological artifacts can perhaps be looked at with different eyes through their new placement next to Giorgio Vigna’s precious works. Different worlds come into contact and reveal surprising analogies in form, meaning, and symbolic implications.

These same materials in the hands of the artist Vigna have taken on extraordinary forms, free from the patterns of time becoming now Cosmografie, now Sassi di Fuoco, now Sassi d’Acqua, now Acque Astrali. Small inserts of precious metals in the transparent glass evoke the origins from other worlds, from the cosmos, from the stars. Vigna’s work unfolds in front of Reperti, the pile of heterogeneous artifacts dating from different periods of his career, witnesses to different stages of his research. The presence of these works among the exhibits is meant to draw the visitor’s attention and provoke a different way of looking.

The hardness of stone, the transparency of glass, the evocation of water and fire: meanings that chase each other, from time to time to be sought, to be discovered. Works of art and archaeological finds are thereby intertwined in a mutual giving of life.

curated by Francesca Veronese e Stefano Annibaletto
the catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition contain the essays by Francesca Veronese e Stefano Annibaletto

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