Authorization to publish/print photographs

Permission for photo shootings and TV shoots

It is possible to obtain photographic reproductions of the collections belonging to the Civic Museums and photographic reproductions of the museums. For this purpose, you have to submit a permission to print form and you can do it though the downloadable from that you can find in this page. The form must be completed in full and in a clear and legible way or else we will not be able to act on the request made. Once duly completed, the form must be sent by fax to +39 049.8204566 or by e-mail to The Museums Department, once checked the request and the availability of the images required, will send a quotation and indicate the terms of payment. Once the payment has been made and a copy of the payment receipt (or other document proving the purchase) has been acquired, we will take care to send the requested photographic material.

Please use the same procedure in order to receive authorization to photo shootings and TV shoots regarding artworks, buildings and monuments owned by the estate of the Civic Museums of Padua.

Segreteria Musei Civici
tel. 049 8204513/06

Please note: on the right side of this page you can find the specific downloadable forms for your requests.

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